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How does Empathic Membership progress you?

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Learn from experienced plant-medicine practicers.

Articles and podcasts are insightful, but they can only get you so far. Sometimes you need to find new resources.


Empathic provides interactive perspectives from the storytelling of first-person experiences, so you can take your next step with confidence.

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Share in the communal knowledge of like-minded people.

Your friends and family are likely not as interested in plant medicine as you are. We know the feeling! 


Empathic surrounds you with a new network of people who are passionate about the things you're passionate about, so you can always have your people by your side.

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Help others on their healing journey. 

If you're like us, nothing provides that euphoric feeling quite like being of service to another human being.

Empathic fosters deep relationships where we can support each other on a much deeper level than social media, so you can live the successes of your fellow community members.


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Join a supportive community that values quality over quantity and practical knowledge over surface-level information. 

What's included?

1. Curated Cohort Course
2. Community Membership

Curated Cohort Course

What is integration? Our C-H-I approach to community onboarding walks you through seven Connection, Healing, and Integration modules to establish your baseline and help you begin forming intimate relationships from Day One.

Each module follows the proven learning methodology of
Learn -> Practice -> Apply
to help you incorporate your learnings into your daily practice right away.

Clear pathway to gaining knowledge and forming relationships

Replaces: Searching the Internet for answers

Live, pre-recorded, and group sessions based on your application


Replaces: Not having time for self-care practices

Mentorship Group of 5 or less people

Replaces: Figuring it out on your own

Community Membership

Private Community

Members-Only Events

Member Directory

On-Demand Education

Membership Concierge

Monthly 1x1 Matches

All questions answered if possible

High-Impact Resources

Exclusive Perks

Jobs & Careers

Free hugs, Badges & VFTs

Join a supportive community that values quality over quantity and practical knowledge over surface-level information. 


We accept a limited number of new members twice a season. By submitting your application, your information will be reviewed at the next Membership Committee meeting.

The deadline for the current quarter is June 10th, 2022.

Accesible Pricing Scale






Income Level

We're not going to check your tax returns.

If extended an invitation to the community, you will choose your own investment, and we trust you will do so in good faith. Our community operates on trusting one another.

These investments account for 99% of our funds and enable our community to exist. Our Regeneration Plan (link) dictates that all proceeds in excess of what is required to run the community are dispersed amongst our community-chosen partner organizations (link). 

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Empathic.Health is built differently and with  .

We are (intentionally) bootstrapped, don’t invest in traditional marketing, and only work with a very select number of value-aligned partners.

Our #1 aim is to craft the best healing community for our members and have fun doing it. For us, this requires thoughtful growth.


→ Read more about our "slow & steady" approach in this article.