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Breathwork Race

7-day community breathwork challenge to support Heroic Hearts' 155-mile Ultramarathon Fundraiser.


Complete 1 breathwork session on each day of the race, and Othership will donate your entire annual subscription ($164) to support the fundraiser.


Sign up for the Othership Breathing app using the link under "Sign Up". 

Solo? Complete each session on your own time.

Want community? Prepare, breathe, and integrate any session with Empathic.Health @ 11am ET/8am PT each day of the race. Session invites are under "Sign Up".


August 14th-20th

Sign up: 

Download the Othership Breathwork app here or scan the QR code below. Either method will ensure your subscription is donated to the fundraiser.

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Participating Organizations

Othership Breathing App

Through the best breathwork and breathing sessions in the world, Othership is here to welcome you to the present moment. Embark on a journey to regulate your nervous system — and your emotions — in a world that can’t be regulated.

Breathe to the rhythm of powerful music with guidance from world-renowned breathwork facilitators to elevate your body and mind. Decompress after work, energize to start your day, improve focus and performance, wind down for a deep sleep, or release negative emotions with short exercises when you need them most.

Empathic.Health Community

Empathic.Health is a psychedelic integration community built on peer support. Connect with like-minded individuals to learn, share, and help others.

Heroic Hearts Project

Heroic Hearts Project was founded in 2017 to provide war-torn military veterans with effective psychedelic treatments. Since its inception, the organization has connected over 200 veterans to psychedelic treatments. Learn more about the work HHP does here.

Race Sessions

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Sunday, August 14th
Breath Education

The first initiative of Jesse’s Ultramarathon fundraiser is Education –– so we’re starting off with an introduction to breathwork.

If you are new to breathwork, or just want to dig deeper on the science of breathing, this session is perfect for you. In 30 minutes, Michael will facilitate and explain 3 different breathing techniques; Oxygen Advantage Nitric Oxide Breath, Cadence Breathing, and Wim Hof Breathing.

It is recommended to do this session either lying down or seated.

Breathe in community.


Monday, August 20th

Heart Opening Journey

Are you ready to go deep? The intention of this track is to help you release stored emotions, deeply connect with yourself and open your heart to infinite possibilities. Warning –– This track has the potential to change your life.

Breathe in community.

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Tuesday, August 16th

Breathing Gives You Wings

Conscious breathing to release habitual tension, balance brain hemispheres, and stoke a fire deep within so you can fly high.

Breathe in community.


Wednesday, August 17th

Mothership (bring your mom!)

Bring loving awareness and gratitude for the person that gave you life - your mother!

Feel gratitude and release emotions with this powerful mothers appreciate practice. Combining meditative breathwork with intentional affirmations to manifest loving awareness and gratitude for the person that gave you life.

In only 30 minutes Amanda and Harry will guide you through 5 rounds of Up-regulated mouth breathing into an 8 minute Mother Appreciation meditation, leaving you feeling full of love and gratitude for the person that gave you life.

Breathe in community.

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Dynamic Breathwork

Thursday, August 18th

Dynamic Breathwork is a multi-purpose optimizing breathwork practice.

Dynamic Breathwork helps to strengthen the Immune system, decrease inflammation in the body, increase longevity, boost athletic performance and helps to prepare for meditation.

The many benefits of Dynamic Breathwork makes this practice perfect for a powerful addition to any morning or evening routine. It is recommended to lie down for this session.

Breathe in community.


Friday, August 19th


The longest day of the race — Jesse runs 50 miles today! To support him, we have our longest breathwork session, Expansion.

Our crown chakra is ethereal and expansive, our source of higher consciousness. During this session, Amanda & Harry will bring you into a state of alignment and wholeness through the use of binaural beats and multiple rounds of up-regulated breathing.

Breathe in community.

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Saturday, August 20th

For the final leg of Jesse’s journey, we’ll embark on one final breathwork journey together.

Travel into space as Steve guides you through a deeply relaxing practice. The session is a slow build, starting off calm, and slowly picking up to quicker paces of breathing. This breathwork is great for those who want to come back into their body and feel gratitude for existence here on this earth. At the end, you’ll rest in the wonderful stillness you’ve created for yourself and feel reborn.

Breathe in community.